Jacob Moysés Cohen

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1. The excretion of fluoride is examined among aluminum smelter workers over the course of a seven-day workweek. The data for the first three days of work is best described by the first cycle of a parabolic curve. Each curve is characteristic of the level of exposure associated with specific jobs and individual smelter hygienic conditions. 2. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterise and confirm the presence of Mansonella ozzardi microfilariae in the cornea by biomicroscopy and corneal confocal microscopy. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTINGS Clinical practice study in patients from rural communities in Coari city on the Solimões river, Amazonas state, Brazil. PARTICIPANTS The eyes of 212 consecutive(More)
INTRODUCTION Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the leading cause of inherited intellectual and developmental disability. Policy development relating to carrier screening programmes for FXS requires input from large studies examining not only test uptake but also psychosocial aspects. This study will compare carrier screening in pregnant and non-pregnant(More)
1. A program for the prevention of excessive fluoride absorption among aluminum smelter workers is described. This surveillance is based upon knowledge of the portals of entry, distribution, bone deposition and excretory patterns of this element. 2. The control program is based on the thesis that the concentration of fluoride in the urine two to three days(More)
This study examines implicit sequence learning impairments that may indicate at-risk cerebellar profiles proposed to underlie some aspects of subtle cognitive and affective dysfunctions found among female fragile X mental retardation 1 (FMR1) premutation (PM)-carriers. A total of 34 female PM-carriers and 33 age- and intelligence-matched controls completed(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate eye manifestations in mansonelliasis patients from Coari, AM, rural area on the middle Amazonas River. METHODS Cross-sectional study consisted of evaluation of 543 subjects from Coari rural area on Solimões River right margin. All subjects were submitted to blood test for microfilaria and the subjects who had a positive test also were(More)
1. A study of over 52,000 urinary fluoride determinations collected over a 5-year period among aluminum smelter workers is described. The pre-shift urinary fluoride concentration (representative of bony burden) appears to increase less rapidly than the post-shift concentration. This slow rate of bony buildup of pre-shift urinary fluoride concentrations(More)
A sharp drop in the prevalence of leprosy occurred in the last three decades. However, the incidence has not decreased at the same rate. Three years after the World Health Organization last deadline for leprosy control, patients considered healed still need special care for their incapacities and immunopathological reactions. Medical literature reffers(More)
PURPOSE To describe the study design, operational strategies, procedures, and baseline characteristics of the Brazilian Amazon Region Eye Survey (BARES), a population-based survey of the prevalence and causes of distance and near visual impairment and blindness in older adults residing in the city of Parintins. METHODS Cluster sampling, based on(More)
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