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Although it is generally agreed that the singer's formant (F(S)) is a prerequisite for successful stage performance, the results of this research do not support its presence in the soprano voices of trained female singers. Results are based on a recent investigation testing 10 advanced/professional sopranos in two groups singing sustained vowels at three(More)
Translational control of transcription factor ATF4 through paired upstream ORFs (uORFs) plays an important role in eukaryotic gene regulation. While it is typically induced by phosphorylation of eIF2α, ATF4 translation can be also induced by expression of a translational inhibitor protein, eIF5-mimic protein 1 (5MP1, also known as BZW2) in mammals. Here we(More)
The purification of oligonucleotides by ion-exchange displacement chromatography is demonstrated on the gram-scale. Using a 50 mmD x 100 mmL (203 ml) column operated in the displacement mode, 1.2 g of a 24mer phosphorothioate oligonucleotide was purified. Product yield for this separation was 70% (780 mg) at a purity of 96.4% and the mass balance recovery(More)
The University of Washington (UW) has historically met students' general-access computing needs through a combination of large computing centers and distributed workstations. In June 2010, however, one of the two large general-access computing centers was closed. This closure presents an opportunity for the UW to reassess its model of providing computing(More)
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