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QoS criteria in cloud computing require guarantees about application runtimes, even if CMP servers are shared among multiple parallel or serial applications. Performance of computation-intensive application depends significantly on memory performance and especially cache performance. Recent trends are toward configurable caches that can dynamically(More)
Adaptive resource allocation with different numbers of machine nodes provides more flexibility and significantly better potential performance for local job and grid scheduling. With the emergence of parallel computing in every-day life on multi-core systems, such schedulers will likely increase in practical relevance. A major reason why adaptive schedulers(More)
In the past, developers used additional capacity to develop superscalar CPUs with replicated execution units and deep pipelines to exploit instruction-level parallel-ism. However, they only harvested about 25 percent of the additional chip space that became available per year by adding new architectural features. 2 Moreover, the performance gap between(More)
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