Jacob M Puliyel

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Aims: To compare the vitamin D status of 34 children, 9–24 months old, living in an area of Delhi renowned for high levels of atmospheric pollution (Mori Gate), with a comparable age matched group of children from a less polluted (Gurgaon) area of the city. Methods: Serum concentrations of calcium, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), parathyroid hormone (PTH),(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the imbalance in the sex ratio in India can be explained by less favourable treatment of girls in infancy. DESIGN Analysis of results of verbal autopsy reports over a five year period. SETTING Community health project in urban India. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Deaths from all causes in infants aged less than 1 year. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the point prevalence of Hepatitis B in India. DESIGN Meta-analysis of data on point prevalence from different parts of the country. DATA SOURCES Searches were made in Medline, Cochrane Library and Best bets and previous reviews. A limited hand search of cross references was also done. Finally a consultation with experts was held to(More)
OBJECTIVE To document ondansetron-induced dystonia, hypoglycemia, and seizures in a child. CASE SUMMARY A 4-year-old boy was admitted with dystonia following an intravenous dose of ondansetron 2 mg (0.13 mg/kg) that he had received for vomiting that day. In the emergency department, he developed generalized tonicclonic seizures lasting for a few minutes.(More)
BACKGROUND There are 44 million missing women in India. Gender bias; neglect of girls, infanticides and feticides are responsible. The sex ratio at birth can be used to examine the influence of antenatal sex selection on the sex ratio. MATERIALS AND METHODS Records from 321,991 deliveries at one hospital over 11 decades were utilized. The middle year in(More)
Trypanosomes were observed in the peripheral blood smear of a 37-day-old Indian infant admitted off feeds, with fever and convulsions. Trypanosoma (Herpetosoma) lewisi was identified in the blood. The species identification was confirmed by morphometry, polymerase chain reaction, and sequencing. Human infection with this organism is rare. Only seven cases(More)
Publication bias can result from the propensity of researchers to document what is unusual. This can distort the inferences drawn in systematic reviews. To measure the distortion, it has been suggested that a second analysis be done; using weights proportional to the size of the population from which the samples are drawn. We re-evaluate data from a(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate lactate clearance with Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) mortality. METHODS 45 (mean age 40.15 mo, 60% males) consecutive admissions in the PICU were enrolled between May 2012 to June 2013. Lactate clearance (Lactate level at admission - level 6 hr later x 100 / lactate level at admission) in first 6 hours of hospitalization was(More)