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It has been proposed that high energy shockwaves could be used to create microfractures in cortical bone. This quality might be exploited clinically to perform closed osteotomies and promote healing in nonunion (15). However, no study has previously documented the effect of shockwaves on cortical bone “in vivo”. We report an investigation designed to(More)
Hydrogen breath tests were performed in Gabon (Central Africa) after a loading dose of lactose in 67 well-nourished African children (50 with intestinal parasites and 17 unparasitized) and in 18 unparasitized young adults. All had normal nutritional status, and none had diarrhea or digestive symptoms. Parasites that were found included Ascaris lumbricoides(More)
The effect of diosmectite on intestinal permeability changes in acute diarrhea was measured during a double-blind placebo-controlled trial carried out in 59 Gabonese children aged 5-35 months. Intestinal permeability tests (IPTs), measuring the urinary elimination of orally administered lactulose and mannitol at a dosage of 1 g/10 kg each, were performed(More)
Serological tests were performed in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of 13 children with active congenital syphilis (presence of specific IgM FTA-ABS antibodies) and of seven seropositive children with no active syphilis (FTA-ABS IgM-negative) born to syphilitic treated mothers in Libreville, Gabon. Antibodies against treponema were measured by the Venereal(More)
Halofantrine chlorhydrate 2 per cent suspension was given to 50 children (mean age 6.2 years in a dose of 8 mg/kg three times a day as a single day treatment. The children were born and lived in Gabon, where malaria transmission is continuous. They all had acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria. The children were kept in hospital for 5 days, and regularly(More)