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We present a series of measurements based on K L,S →␲ ϩ ␲ Ϫ and K L,S →␲ 0 ␲ 0 decays collected in 1996 – 1997 by the KTeV experiment ͑E832͒ at Fermilab. We compare these four K→␲␲ decay rates to measure the direct CP violation parameter Re(⑀Ј/⑀)ϭ(20.7Ϯ2.8)ϫ10 Ϫ4. We also test CPT symmetry by measuring the relative phase between the CP violating and CP(More)
– Traditional data fusion systems focus on processing of physical (" hard ") sensor data to achieve an understanding of an observed environment. The rapid dissemination of mobile phones allows humans to act both as a sensor platform and as an observer (a " soft " sensor). Currently, the methods for fusing hard and soft data are still at their infancy.(More)
Presenters of odd-numbered abstracts are kindly requested to stay near their posters during the first hour and presenters of even-numbered abstracts are kindly request to stay near their posters during the second hour. 32. Decomposing hydrogen bond dynamics into multiscale components – Implications for synthesis and catalytic schemes of nanoporous materials(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the operational impact of using preloaded intraocular lens (IOL) delivery systems compared with manually loaded IOL delivery processes during routine cataract surgeries. METHODS Time and motion data, staff and surgery schedules, and cost accounting reports were collected across three sites located in the US,(More)
In 70's Donaldson proved a conjecture of Zassenhaus and Ford: \Lattices of the uniform model and with a xed dimension are almost surely reduced (in the sense of Minkowski), as the dimension of the ambient space tends to innnity." Then he deduces some more eecient heuristic for nding a Minkowski reduced basis in a lattice. Our talk shows (in a more precise(More)
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