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BACKGROUND Immature animals exposed to anesthetics display apoptotic neurodegeneration with subsequent long-term cognitive dysfunctions. Young age at anesthetic exposure is believed to be critical, but human studies are scarce. This study investigated the association between exposure to surgery and anesthesia for pyloric stenosis (PS) before 3 months of age(More)
BACKGROUND Small studies have indicated that twinning increases the risk of oral cleft. METHODS We used data from a Danish national population-based cohort study to investigate whether twinning was associated with isolated oral cleft, and to estimate the twin probandwise concordance rate and heritability. Twins (207 affected/130,710) and singletons (7766(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted interventions for the long-term sick-listed may prevent permanent exclusion from the labour force. We aimed to develop a prediction method for identifying high risk groups for continued or recurrent long-term sickness absence, unemployment, or disability among persons on long-term sick leave. METHODS We obtained individual(More)
Our objective in this Danish population-based cohort study was to estimate the recurrence risk of isolated oral cleft (OC) for offspring of the unaffected co-twins of OC discordant twin pairs and to compare this risk to the recurrence risk in the offspring of the affected co-twin as well as to the risk in the background population. During 1936-2004, 207(More)
BACKGROUND Although animal studies have indicated that general anesthetics may result in widespread apoptotic neurodegeneration and neurocognitive impairment in the developing brain, results from human studies are scarce. We investigated the association between exposure to surgery and anesthesia for inguinal hernia repair in infancy and subsequent academic(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of socioeconomic and clinical factors on the transitions between work, sickness absence and retirement in a cohort of Danish colorectal cancer survivors. DESIGN Register-based cohort study with up to 10 years of follow-up. SETTING Population-based study with use of administrative health-related(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate how an increasing burden of symptoms influences well-being, anxiety and depression at different intervals after a radical cystectomy with urostomy for bladder cancer, as this therapy can induce long-term distressful symptoms. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with bladder cancer undergoing radical cystectomy in Stockholm between 1969 and(More)
OBJECTIVES Studies of labor market outcomes like sickness absence are usually restricted to a single outcome. This paper investigates the use of multi-state models for studying multiple transitions between sick-listing, work, unemployment, and disability pension by analyzing longitudinal register data. Every person sick-listed in Denmark(More)
The influence of premature extraction of primary teeth. The influence of the site of extraction was analyzed by studying the frequency of malocclusion in the group of children with extraction in the mandible or maxilla only. It was found that early loss of primary teeth would result in an increased frequency of sagittal, vertical as well as transversal(More)