Jacob Katzenelson

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This work considers type systems that are defined by type-graphs (tgraphs), which are rooted directed graphs with order among the edges leaving each node. Tgraphs are uniquely mapped into polynomials which, in turn, are each evaluated at a special point to yield an irrational number named the tgraph's <italic>magic number</italic>. This special point is(More)
This paper presents a lightweight closure-conversion method that is driven by the results of whole-program interprocedural flow, reachability, points-to, and escape analyses. The method has been implemented and evaluated as part of a complete Scheme compiler. When compared with a baseline closure-conversion method that does no optimization, as well as(More)
This thesis demonstrates a compiler that uses partial evaluation to achieve outstandingly eecient parallel object code from very high-level source programs. The source programs are ordinary Scheme numerical programs, written abstractly, with no attempt to structure them for parallel execution. The compiler identiies and extracts parallelism completely(More)