Jacob J. Flomenberg

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It has been suggested that delayed DNA replication underlies fragility at common human fragile sites, but specific sequences responsible for expression of these inducible fragile sites have not been identified. One approach to identify such cis-acting sequences within the large nonexonic regions of fragile sites would be to identify conserved functional(More)
Process variations play an increasingly important role on the success of analog circuits. State-of-the-art analog circuits are based on complex architectures and contain many hierarchical layers and parameters. Knowledge of the parameter variances and their contribution patterns is crucial for a successful design process. This information is valuable to(More)
Acknowledgements This work would not have been possible without the help of my research advisor, Dr. Sule Ozev. I would like to thank her for her sincere encouragement and support of my studies. Her constructive remarks and help throughout the project played an integral role in steering my research down the right path. I am also grateful to Fang Liu for(More)
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