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Robust methods for representing, generalizing, and sharing knowledge across various robotics systems and configurations are important in many domains of robotics research and application. In this paper we present a method for modeling tasks and robot skills to simplify the programming and reuse of knowledge between robots in manufacturing environments.(More)
In this paper we present the idea that by using AI planning in concert with formal task modeling, the overhead associated with plan creation for complex tasks can be reduced. The proposed approach uses a SysML taxonomy to model the system capabilities and the process specification, and the PDDL planning language to determine acceptable objective solutions.(More)
In this report, we present a robotic sample introduction/ionization system for mass spectrometry (MS) for spot analysis and imaging of non-planar surfaces. The system operates by probing the sample surface with an acupuncture needle, followed by direct plasma chemical ionization time-of-flight MS.
— Personal service robots will need to understand semantic object relationships and task context in order to assist humans in their everyday lives. This paper will demonstrate a technique using keywords, spatial relationships, colors, and other contextual information to assist in the mobile manipulation and object recognition tasks. Preliminary results(More)
— We present a mobile manipulation system used by the Georgia Tech team in the RoboCup@Home 2010 competition. An overview of the system is provided, including the approach taken for manipulation, SLAM, object detection, object recognition, and system integration. We focus on our manipulation strategy, which utilizes a low-degree of freedom manipulator and(More)
As robotics continues to integrate into society, systems and interactions become increasingly complex. To be able to accurately model such systems, a method is needed that can scale with this complexity, but that can also be standardized. This paper proposes the use of the Systems Modeling Language, or SysML, as such a modeling approach. Based on the(More)
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