Jacob Hildebrandt

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Awake rats, with chronically implanted arterial catheters and abdominal thermistors, were continuously exposed to 5 or 7% CO2 in air in an environmental chamber for up to 3 wk. To obtain measurements, rats were transferred to a body plethysmograph flushed with the same CO2 mixture, and, after stabilization, O2 consumption (Vo2), ventilation (VE), and(More)
Abdominal distension (AD) occurs in pregnancy and is also commonly seen in patients with ascites from various causes. Because the abdomen forms part of the "chest wall," the purpose of this study was to clarify the effects of AD on ventilatory mechanics. Airway pressure, four (vertical) regional pleural pressures, and abdominal pressure were measured in(More)
The possibility that surface tension may affect the hydrostatic transmural pressure of pulmonary vessels and the development of pulmonary edema was studied in anesthetized, open-chested dogs. Isogravimetric pressure (the static intravascular pressure at which transmural osmotic and hydrostatic pressures are balanced such that net fluid flux is zero and lung(More)
Treatments available to improve compliance in surfactant-deficient states include exogenous surfactant (ES) and either partial (PLV) or total liquid ventilation (TLV) with perfluorochemical (PFC). Because of the additional air-lung and air-PFC interfaces introduced during PLV compared with TLV, we hypothesized that compliance would be worse during PLV than(More)
Replacing gas in the lung with perfluorocarbon fluids (PFC) and periodically ventilating with a gas [partial liquid ventilation (PLV)] has been shown to improve oxygenation in models of respiratory distress syndrome. We hypothesized that the addition of PFC to healthy lungs would result in shunt, diffusion impairment, and increased ventilation-perfusion(More)
The effect of severe generalized edema on respiratory system mechanics is not well described. We measured airway pressure, gastric pressure, and four vertical pleural pressures in 13 anesthetized paralyzed pigs ventilated in the upright position. Pressure-volume relationships of the respiratory system, chest wall, and lung were measured on deflation from(More)