Jacob Goldstein

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Melatonin was measured over 24 hr in the eyestalks of Uca pugilator by means of radioimmunoassay; crabs were acclimatized either to a LD 12:12 photoperiod or constant darkness. A significant peak occurred at 13.00 hr in the LD 12:12 crabs. A photophase peak in melatonin has only been reported in one other species, also a crustacean. In constant darkness,(More)
Cranioplasty for the surgical correction of cranial defects is often performed using polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), or bone cement. Immediately prior to PMMA application, a liquid monomer form (methylacrylate) and a benzoyl peroxide accelerator are mixed resulting in polymerization, an exothermic reaction during which monomer linking and subsequent(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the accuracy of CT angiography of occlusive disease of the carotid arteries using three-dimensional surface-rendered images alone and in conjunction with display of axial source images. METHODS Forty-eight symptomatic patients had conventional angiography followed by CT angiography within 24 hours. Images of 96 carotid arteries were(More)
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