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The Effects of Pre-Trial Detention on Conviction, Future Crime, and Employment: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Judges
Over 20 percent of prison and jail inmates in the United States are currently awaiting trial, but little is known about the impact of pre-trial detention on defendants. This paper uses the detentionExpand
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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity
Recent work suggests that consumers respond differently to taxes that are included in a good's posted price and taxes that are added upon checking out at the register. This paper investigates how theExpand
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Consumer Borrowing after Payday Loan Bans
High-interest payday loans have proliferated in recent years; so too have efforts to regulate them. Yet how borrowers respond to such regulations remains largely unknown. Drawing on bothExpand
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Recent evidence suggests consumers fail to account for taxes that are excluded from a good’s displayed price. What is less understood is whether and how such “salience effects” depend on theExpand
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Health Insurance and Mortality: Experimental Evidence from Taxpayer Outreach
We evaluate a randomized pilot study in which the IRS sent informational letters to 3.9 million taxpayers who paid a tax penalty for lacking health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.Expand
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The Political Ideologies of Law Clerks
In order to study the political ideologies of judicial law clerks in the United States, we construct a novel dataset that combines information on the identity of clerks with a measure of politicalExpand
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Which Way to Nudge? Uncovering Preferences in the Behavioral Age
Behavioral Law and Economics has created a dilemma for policymakers. On the one hand, research from the field suggests a wide range of unconventional policy instruments (“nudges”) may be used toExpand
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How Should the Graduate Economics Core be Changed?
The authors present suggestions by graduate students from a range of economics departments for improving the first-year core sequence in economics. The students identified a number of elements thatExpand
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We analyze a large field experiment conducted with the Colorado Department of Revenue to study the presentation of financial incentives and social norms in tax delinquency notices. We find thatExpand
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Influence and Ideology in the American Judiciary: Evidence from Supreme Court Law Clerks
Supreme Court justices employ law clerks to help them perform their duties. We study whether these clerks influence how justices vote in the cases they hear. We exploit the timing of the clerkshipExpand
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