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W eb 2.0 provides gathering places for Internet users in blogs, forums, and chat rooms. These gathering places leave footprints in the form of colossal amounts of data regarding consumers' thoughts, beliefs, experiences , and even interactions. In this paper, we propose an approach for firms to explore online user-generated content and " listen " to what(More)
The Internet revolution has made long-distance communication dramatically faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. This, it has been argued, has decreased the importance of geographic proximity in social interactions, transforming our world into a " global village " with a "borderless society". We argue for the opposite: while technology has(More)
We show how networks modify the diffusion curve by affecting its symmetry. We demonstrate that a network's degree distribution has a significant impact on the contagion properties of the subsequent adoption process, and we propose a method for uncovering the degree distribution of the adopter network underlying the dissemination process, based exclusively(More)
In recent years, product discussion forums have become a rich environment in which consumers and potential adopters exchange views and information. Researchers and practitioners are starting to extract user sentiment about products from user product reviews. Users often compare different products, stating which they like better and why. Extracting(More)
I n this paper, we propose an individual-level approach to diffusion and growth models. By zooming in, we refer to the unit of analysis, which is a single consumer (instead of segments or markets) and the use of granular sales data (daily) instead of smoothed (e.g., annual) data as is more commonly used in the literature. By analyzing the high volatility of(More)
Economic and cultural globalization is one of the most important processes humankind has been undergoing lately. This process is assumed to be leading the world into a wealthy society with a better life. However, the current trend of globalization is not unprecedented in human history, and has had some severe consequences in the past. By applying a(More)