Jacob Fleischman

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A rare allelic type is modeled as a field of individuals diffusing independently in d-dimensional space (d = 1,2,...), in which individuals are replaced by random numbers of offspring at a constant rate. In an infinite-allele model with selectively identical alleles, the offspring distribution would have mean 1 - u, in which u is the mutation rate;(More)
HDP-1 monoclonal antibody was labeled with 111In using deferoxamine, diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid or 1-(para-bromoacetamidobenzyl)-EDTA as chelating agents or with 125I. The in vitro binding capacity and stability of the labeled molecules were evaluated using affinity chromatography. The biodistribution and imaging capabilities were compared using an(More)
Polyvalent bispecific antibodies were secreted by hybrid hybridoma cells when both parental clones expressed a naturally polymerizing immunoglobulin. Hybrid hybridomas made from IgA lambda 2 anti-trinitrophenyl (TNP) and IgA kappa anti-phosphocholine (PC) parental cells secreted polymeric IgA antibodies that bound both TNP and PC. Some of the TNP binding(More)
Experiment 609 at Fermilab is a study of the properties of high-pt collisions using a large segmented hadron calorimeter. The calibration and monitoring of such a large calorimeter array is a difficult undertaking. This paper describes the systems developed by E609 for automatic monitoring of the phototube gains and performance of the associated(More)
This project was designed to determine how a new resin based obturation material compared with traditional gutta-percha techniques in its ability to fill the prepared root canal space. Eighty single-rooted palatal and distal roots of extracted human first molars were used. The root canals were instrumented with hand and rotary files and divided into four(More)