Jacob Eisenberg

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K.J. Brookes, X. Xu, R. Anney, B. Franke, K. Zhou, Wai Chen, T. Banaschewski, J. Buitelaar, R. Ebstein, J. Eisenberg, M. Gill, A. Miranda, R.D. Oades, H. Roeyers, A. Rothenberger, J. Sergeant, E. Sonuga-Barke, H.-C. Steinhausen, E. Taylor, S.V. Faraone, and P. Asherson* MRC Social Genetic Developmental and Psychiatry Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, London,(More)
Common disorders of childhood and adolescence are attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD). For one to two cases in three diagnosed with ADHD the disorders may be comorbid. However, whether comorbid conduct problems (CP) represents a separate disorder or a severe form of ADHD remains(More)
Looking at prominent centers of software activity across the globe we observe that software developers tell narratives about themselves to explain their identity and their successes. For example, the USA thinks in terms of the cowboy programmer, Ireland the Celtic Tiger, and Israel the commando programmer. These narratives provide insights into the mental(More)
In recent years, pay satisfaction has been increasingly studied in an international context, prompting the importance of examining whether the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) is invariant across countries other than the United States. This study investigated the measurement invariance across three countries, namely, the United States (N 1⁄4 321),(More)
X. Xu, E. Aysimi, R. Anney, K. Brookes, B. Franke, K. Zhou, C. Buschgens, W. Chen, H. Christiansen, J. Eisenberg, I. Gabriëls, I. Manor, R. Marco, U.C. Müller, A. Mulligan, N. Rommelse, M. Thompson, H. Uebel, T. Banaschewski, J. Buitelaar, R. Ebstein, M. Gill, A. Miranda, F. Mulas, R.D. Oades, H. Roeyers, A. Rothenberger, J. Sergeant, E. Sonuga-Barke, H.-C.(More)
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