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In Africa surgical trainees (residents) are often ‘at the coalface’ in managing surgical emergencies. A practical course on management of surgical emergencies was developed, as requested and guided by the learning needs of surgical trainees in East/Central Africa, to teach structured thinking processes in surgical emergencies; to thoroughly assess(More)
The aim of this study was to determine and describe the role and functions of the community health nurse in the health services of local authorities of the larger cities within the framework of legislation regarding health and the health service structure of the Republic of South Africa. A questionnaire was used to gather data in connection with the present(More)
will be submerged. By 2116, the city’s contours will be unrecognizable. This is the genesis of the Shanghai Project, a collaboration of science and art whose sec­ ond installation, Seeds of Time, focuses on climate change in China’s boomtown — a timely reminder of a disturbing prospect. The project, described as an ideas platform focusing on near­future(More)
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