Jacob Delgado

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Recently, doubts have begun to surface about the emphasis that for years has been given to the variable knowledge of results in motor learning, and a view has been expressed that information on how an action has been made (knowledge of performance) may be of more use. This study compared the two types of information in learning a volleyball serve by eight(More)
TCP splicing has been commonly used for increasing the performance of serving web content through proxies. Web server architectures built using TCP splicing suffer from two limitations: (1) All traffic between clients and servers typically passes through the proxy, thus making the proxy scalability and performance bottlenecks; and (2) This architecture(More)
We are interested in communication support for time-critical reliable computing. Over a two-decade period, the distributed computing community has explored a number of reliable communication models. Yet time-critical applications in which rapid response matters more than absolute reliability have received comparatively little attention. We believe that this(More)
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