Jacob Couch

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We present and describe Torc - (<i>Tools for Open Reconfigurable Computing</i>) - an open-source infrastructure and tool set, provided entirely as C++ source code and available at http://torc.isi.edu. Torc is suitable for custom research applications, for CAD tool development, and for architecture exploration. The Torc infrastructure can (1) read, write,(More)
The programmable interconnection resources are one aspect that distinguishes FPGAs from other devices. The abundance of these resources in modern devices almost always assures us that the most complex design can be routed. This underutilized resource can be used for other unintended purposes. One such use, explored here, is to concatenate large networks(More)
The Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration tool kits have been instrumental for performing a wide variety of research on Xilinx FPGAs. These tool kits provide a methodology for creating rectangular partial reconfiguration modules that can be swapped in and out of a static baseline design with one or more PR slots. This thesis presents a new PR toolkit called OpenPR(More)
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