Jacob Christensen

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The effect on clearance of levetiracetam (LEV) was estimated in women with epilepsy of childbearing potential using oral contraceptives (OCs). The estimated clearance (plasma concentration/daily dose) was 39 nmol/L/mg (range 14-88 nmol/L/mg) among women who did not use OC (n=30) and 38 nmol/L/mg (range 18-103 nmol/L/mg) among OC users (n=23) (p=0.8). In(More)
Broadcasting is an efficient alternative to unicast for delivering popular on-demand media requests. Broadcasting schemes that are based on windows scheduling algorithms provide a way to satisfy all requests with both low bandwidth and low latency. Consider a system of <i>n</i> pages that need to be scheduled (transmitted) on identical channels an infinite(More)
Syndecan-1 is a heparan sulfate proteoglycan expressed by both normal and multiple myeloma (MM) plasma cells. Matsui et al. 1 reported the identification of a potential MM " stem cell " resembling less differentiated post germinal center B cells. These cells lacked expression of CD138 but expressed the B-cell antigens CD19 and CD20 as well as surface light(More)
BACKGROUND The Danish National Lymphoma Register (LYFO) prospectively includes information on all lymphoma patients newly diagnosed at hematology departments in Denmark. The validity of the clinical information in the LYFO has never been systematically assessed. AIM To test the coverage and data quality of the LYFO. METHODS The coverage was tested by(More)
BACKGROUND Antipsychotic medications are increasingly used during pregnancy. Nevertheless, fetal risks are still not fully studied. It is currently unclear whether the antipsychotic treatment might induce a higher risk of fetal death. We aimed to determine if use of antipsychotic medication during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of(More)
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