Jacob Buus Andersen

Thomas Sinkjaer2
Michael J Grey1
Maria Willerslev-Olsen1
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A mobile ankle and knee perturbator has been developed. It consists of a functional joint with an integrated clutch. Four Bowden wires connect the joint to a powerful motor and a double pneumatic cylinder. When needed during any time of the gait cycle, it is possible to impose an ankle rotation by engaging the clutch and rotating the ankle or knee joint(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of feedback from large-diameter sensory fibers to the adaptation of soleus muscle activity after small ankle trajectory modifications during human walking. Small-amplitude and slow-velocity ankle dorsiflexion enhancements and reductions were applied during the stance phase of the gait cycle to mimic(More)
It is still widely believed that exaggerated stretch reflexes and increased muscle tone in ankle plantar flexors contribute to reduced ankle joint movement during gait in children with cerebral palsy (CP). However, no study has directly measured stretch reflex activity during gait in these children. We investigated sensory feedback mechanisms during walking(More)
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