Jacob Bailey

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Monitoring vital signs and locations of certain classes of ambulatory patients can be useful in overcrowded emergency departments and at disaster scenes, both on-site and during transportation. To be useful, such monitoring needs to be portable and low cost, and have minimal adverse impact on emergency personnel, e.g., by not raising an excessive number of(More)
We have examined the contacts made by explanted chick heart and limb bud fibroblasts after 24-48 h on glass, using quantitative interference reflection microscopy (IRM). Contacts beneath very thin cytoplasmic lamellae were avoided because the images of such contacts depend on the thickness of the lamellae. Plaque-like focal contacts, distinguished on the(More)
We have developed a new method based on total internal reflection fluorescence to map the shape of the region between glass and the lower surface of a living cell spread upon it. Fluorescently labeled nonadsorbing volume marker molecules that cannot penetrate into the cell are locally stimulated so that they fluoresce only very near the glass/medium(More)
This paper outlines a project which aims to use Certified Reduced Basis and General Empirical Interpolation Methods to conduct rapid, inexpensive, computationally simple thermal property estimation for the purpose of material identification. In this specific case, thermal conductivity and diffusivity were the parameters of interest. Towards this end, an(More)
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