Jacob A. Siehler

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The structure of a k-fold monoidal category as introduced by Balteanu, Fiedorowicz, Schwänzl and Vogt in [2] can be seen as a weaker structure than a symmetric or even braided monoidal category. In this paper we show that it is still sufficient to permit a good definition of (n-fold) operads in a k-fold monoidal category which generalizes the definition of(More)
We consider the possibility of semisimple tensor categories whose fusion rule includes exactly one noninvertible simple object. Conditions are given for the existence or nonexistence of coherent associative structures for such fusion rules, and an explicit construction of matrix solutions to the pentagon equations in the cases where we establish existence.(More)
A near-group category is an additively semisimple category with a product such that all but one of the simple objects is invertible. We classify braided structures on near-group categories, and give explicit numerical formulas for their associativity and commutativity morphisms. 1. Results We consider near-group categories; that is, semisimple monoidal(More)
We present a construction for tiling the 24-cell with congruent copies of a single Hamiltonian cycle, using the algebra of quaternions. http://dx.doi.org/10.4169/amer.math.monthly.119.10.872 MSC: Primary 00A08, Secondary 05C45; 51M20 872 c © THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA [Monthly 119 This content downloaded from on Wed, 19 Feb 2014(More)
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