Jacob A Rubin

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Ten adult cadavers were used to accurately detail the vascular anatomy of posterior thigh skin. Fourteen posterior thigh specimens were dissected after blue latex injection of the internal and external iliac arteries. Six posterior thigh specimens underwent selective dye injection of individual profunda perforating arteries and the inferior gluteal artery.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the percentage of dogs surviving to hospital discharge and identify factors associated with death prior to hospital discharge among dogs undergoing surgery because of primary splenic torsion (PST). DESIGN Retrospective case series. ANIMALS 102 client-owned dogs. PROCEDURES Medical records of dogs with a confirmed diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of pathological fractures associated with appendicular primary bone tumors in dogs managed medically and to identify potential risk factors at the time of radiographic diagnosis that may be associated with eventual pathological fracture. DESIGN Retrospective case series. ANIMALS 84 dogs with primary long bone(More)
A 2 yr old castrated male Pomeranian was evaluated for a 6 wk history of chronic vomiting, intermittent anorexia, and lethargy. Physical examination revealed a palpable, nonpainful, soft-tissue mass in the midabdominal area. Abdominal radiographs and ultrasound revealed a focal, eccentric thickening of the jejunal wall with associated jejunal mural foreign(More)
A Pekingese dog was presented for evaluation of head trauma with ventral head and neck swelling, puncture wounds, palpable mandibular fractures, and loss of menace, severe miosis, and loss of palpebral reflex of the right eye. Computed tomography confirmed multiple mandibular and zygomatic fractures, a right ear canal avulsion, and a complete right tympanic(More)
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