Jacob A. Martin

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Proper cleaving of reusable laser fibers is needed to maintain optimal functionality. This study quantifies the effect of different cleaving tools on power output of the holmium laser fiber and demonstrates morphologic changes using microscopy. MATERIALS AND METHODS The uncleaved tips of new 272 μm reusable laser fibers were used to(More)
Methane production from pyruvate by mixed rumen bacteria in vitro was nearly totally inhibited by chloral hydrate (0.1 mumole/ml of incubation fluid). This effect was accompanied by an accumulation of gaseous hydrogen and an increase in propionic acid production. Infusion of chloral hydrate (4 g/day) into the rumen of a sheep produced the same effects.(More)
Electrospray ionization was used to produce distributions of gas-phase cluster ions from solutions of sodium and potassium tetrafluoroborate. The majority of the cluster species followed the trend (MBF(4))(n)M(+), where M=Na and K. The values of n, for both salts, ranged from 1-15. Collision induced dissociation (MS/MS and MS(n)) in an ion trap mass(More)
[18F]Fluoride was produced via the 18O (p, n) 18F reaction using a low volume stainless steel 18O-water target in a small cyclotron. The average 18F production rate for 60 runs was about 720 microCi/microA-min. A typical bombardment time of 20 min produced 120 mCi of 18F-fluoride. [18F]2-Fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose ([18F]2FDG) was prepared using the procedure(More)
Auditory perceptual tasks involving the discrimination of fine differences in frequency, duration, or rhythmic pattern were given to a group of sixth form schoolboys. The results indicate that there is a wide range of auditory skills for different individuals, even within a relatively homogeneous group. There are also differences in a person's ability to(More)
A study was made of the pronunciation of stop consonants in CVC words by three groups of preschool children. The two groups of normal children had insignificant problems, but the speech-disordered group had a wide range of errors. Errors in initial position differed from errors in final position. Voicing errors occurred most frequently in initial position,(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional techniques for obtaining percutaneous renal access utilize continuous fluoroscopy. In an attempt to minimize radiation exposure, we describe a novel laser direct alignment radiation reduction technique (DARRT) for percutaneous access and test it in a bench-top model. METHODS In this randomized-controlled bench-top study, 20(More)