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BACKGROUND The health and economic toll of medication errors by older adults is well documented. Poor communication and medication coordination problems increase the likelihood of adverse drug events (ADEs). Older adults have difficulty communicating with health care professionals, including pharmacists. As such, the theory-based Med Wise program was(More)
In this paper attention is drawn to key actors who make a substantial difference to ICT4D projects by putting themselves on the line in order to drive projects forward. We advance the notion of 'ICT4D project champions' as a descriptive reference to these visionary individuals and provide a definition. An initial conceptualisation is offered characterising(More)
This paper discusses the research approach, strategy, and research design of a novice qualitative researcher. Experiences relating to data collection, interpretation, ethical considerations and lessons learned are reported. These experiences are compared to those presented in literature on conducting field research and not only confirm, but extend those(More)
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