Jaco Renken

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A fluorimetric multi-parameter cell sensor at the single cell level is presented which makes it possible to observe the physiological behavior of different cell lines, different physiological parameters, and statistical data at the same time. Different cell types were immobilized at predefined positions with high accuracy using optical tweezers and adhesion(More)
Previous studies of acoustic plate modes on ZX-LiNbO3 have indicated that practical mass-sensitive immunosensors can be implemented by using devices with higher frequencies of operation and/or by improving techniques for the immobilization of antibodies. However, it is also known from these studies that the viscoelastic properties of aminosilane films, used(More)
In this paper attention is drawn to key actors who make a substantial difference to ICT4D projects by putting themselves on the line in order to drive projects forward. We advance the notion of 'ICT4D project champions' as a descriptive reference to these visionary individuals and provide a definition. An initial conceptualisation is offered characterising(More)
This paper discusses the research approach, strategy, and research design of a novice qualitative researcher. Experiences relating to data collection, interpretation, ethical considerations and lessons learned are reported. These experiences are compared to those presented in literature on conducting field research and not only confirm, but extend those(More)
The proliferation of computer technology in both our personal and professional lives, and particularly during the last decade, has created an environment in which there are varying perceptions of, and ideas about, the value of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and computers. In order to benefit from this, especially in a defence environment, a(More)
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