Jaclyn Schwartz

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NHANES II audiometry data were used to confirm a previously observed link between blood lead (PbB) level and hearing threshold. Other indicators of neurological development, such as age at which a child first sat up, walked, and spoke, and the presence of speech difficulties and hyperactivity were also examined to determine if they were significantly(More)
From 1968 to 1983, age-specific cancer mortality for all cancers fell by 2.1% annually for men and women aged 35-44 and rose by 1.1% annually for men and 0.3% for women aged 75-84. In the 75-84 age group brain cancer mortality rose by 8% annually and multiple myeloma by 2.75%. Lung cancer mortality rose in men and women aged 45-84 (by 8.2% annually in 65-74(More)
BACKGROUND Major depressive disorder is a disabling neuropsychiatric condition that is associated with disrupted functional connectivity across brain networks. The precise nature of altered connectivity, however, remains incompletely understood. The current study was designed to examine the coherence of large-scale connectivity in depression using a(More)
A subset of patients with depression have elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines, and some studies demonstrate interaction between inflammatory factors and treatment outcome. However, most studies focus on only a narrow subset of factors in a patient sample. In the current study, we analyzed broad immune profiles in blood from patients with(More)
Capitalizing on recent advances in resting-state functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fcMRI) and the distinctive paradigm of rapid mood normalization following ketamine treatment, the current study investigated intrinsic brain networks in major depressive disorder (MDD) during a depressive episode and following treatment with ketamine.(More)
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