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The Vibennae: Etruscan Heroes and Roman Historiography
Abstract The Vibenna brothers of Etruria have been interpreted as historical analogues to Romulus and Remus. Through a comprehensive re-examination of the archaeological and textual remains, I argueExpand
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  • Jaclyn Neel
  • Philosophy
  • The Classical Quarterly
  • 2 April 2015
In the beginning, Rome was ruled by kings. Their expulsion heralded the foundation of the Republic, a political system strong enough to withstand both internal and external threats to the state.Expand
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Legendary Rivals: Collegiality and Ambition in the Tales of Early Rome
In Legendary Rivals Jaclyn Neel argues for a new interpretation of the foundation myths of Rome. Instead of a negative portrayal of the city’s early history, these tales offer a didactic paradigm ofExpand
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Cicero's Rhetoric of Terror
Abstract:In the first three Catilinarians, Cicero defines the nebulous crisis facing the Roman state in specific and concrete terms. I argue that his description of Catiline's activity can beExpand
1 Setting the Stage
Ancient and modern analysts have praised the government of the Roman Republic for its dedication to shared power, which its leaders apparently achieved without significant dissent. The Roman populaceExpand
Tarpeia the Vestal
  • Jaclyn Neel
  • History
  • Journal of Roman Studies
  • 1 November 2019
Abstract Tarpeia's role as a Vestal has become a matter of scholarly consensus in the past two decades. This article questions that consensus by suggesting that Varro and Propertius are the two majorExpand