Jaclyn Beth Issner

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UNLABELLED This study examined the extent to which components of empathy (ie, empathic accuracy, empathic tendencies, and empathic responses) were correlated within the context of chronic pain couples. Additionally, the interrelationships between these empathy variables and spouse responses to pain were investigated. Participants were 57 couples in which at(More)
<lb>MOTIVATING ADOLESCENTS TO CHAT FOR HEALTH (MATCH):<lb>IMPROVING NUTRITION AND EXERCISE IN URBAN YOUTH<lb>by<lb>JACLYN HELLER ISSNER<lb>AUGUST 2012<lb>Advisor: Dr. Douglas Barnett<lb>Major: Psychology (Clinical)<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy<lb>Adolescence represents a unique period of development that is filled with both<lb>opportunities and(More)
<lb>PARENT ADHERENCE TO PSYCHOLOGIST RECOMMENDATIONS:<lb>THE ROLE OF EXPRESSED EMOTION ABOUT CHILD AND REACTION TO<lb>DIAGNOSIS<lb>by LESLEY HETTERSCHEIDT<lb>August 2011<lb>Advisor: Dr. Douglas Barnett<lb>Major: Psychology (Clinical)<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy For the majority of children with significant behavioral or academic problems at<lb>school,(More)
We examined the stability of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) scores among 51 diverse, clinically referred 8- to 16-year-olds (M(age) = 11.24 years, SD = 2.36). Children were referred to and tested at an urban, university-based training clinic; 70% of eligible children completed follow-up testing 12 months to 40 months later(More)
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