Jacky Peeters

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In a randomized, prospective, multicenter study, we compared the safety, efficacy, and metabolic effects of a 7.5% icodextrin solution (Extraneal) with a 2.27% glucose solution for long dwell exchanges in patients undergoing automated peritoneal dialysis. Thirty-nine stable patients on automated peritoneal dialysis were randomized to receive either(More)
We studied the appearance of retinoblastoma on unenhanced and gadolinium-enhanced images and the accuracy of tumour staging with MR imaging. The MR images were obtained in 18 children with retinoblastoma and compared with histopathological findings after enucleation. The MR imaging included T1-weighted and dual-echo T2-weighted images before, and(More)
Sicca syndrome is very rarely caused by amyloidosis. In this report we present a case of a 62-year-old woman complaining of dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue and weight loss. She also presented with nephrotic-range proteinuria. A diagnosis of AL-amyloidosis was made on a lip biopsy. The aetiologies of sicca syndrome are reviewed and the different symptoms of(More)
Some previous studies suggest an association between tooth loss and hearing loss. The aim of this study is to assess the relation between oral status and hearing acuity. Forty-eight patients (mean age: 64.7 years) were allocated to four groups: one was wearing complete dentures in both jaws, another had shortened dental arches, a third had full dental(More)
Purpose The aim of this study was to assess radiological and clinical outcome after arthroscopic all--suture anchor labral repair. Method 20 patients treated for anterior and superior labral instability (mean age 29, range 14-51 years) were assessed at a minimum follow-up time of 1 year (mean 19 months ; range, 12-28 months). Postoperative MRI scans were(More)
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