Jacky Mathonnat

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Cost recovery was introduced in Mauritania in 1993. Analysis of the Mauritanian experience provides a number of key points to the discussion surrounding the contribution of user fees to health care systems. Initial results appear to be largely positive regarding the improvement of the quality of health care and the overall level of utilization of basic(More)
In sub-Saharan Africa, lowlands developed for rice cultivation favour the development of Anopheles gambiae s. l. populations. However, the epidemiological impact is not clearly determined. The importance of malaria was compared in terms of prevalence and parasite density of infections as well as in terms of disease incidence between three agroecosystems:(More)
This article assesses the role of malaria and some social determinants on the agricultural development and more precisely on efficiency in the context of cotton crop in the Korhogo region in the North of Côte d'Ivoire. Data envelopment analyses (DEA) was first applied for the purpose of calculating relative efficiencies in production. A Tobit regression(More)
This study aimed to determine the epidemiological impact of rice cultivation in inland valleys on malaria in the forest region of western Côte d’Ivoire. The importance of malaria was compared in terms of prevalence and parasite density of infections and also in terms of clinical malaria incidence between three agro-ecosystems: (i) uncultivated inland(More)
In a move to achieve a better equity in the funding of access to health care, particularly for the poor, a better efficiency of hospital functioning and a better financial balance, the analysis of hospital costs in Mali brings several key elements to improve the pricing of medical services. The method utilized is the classical step-down process which takes(More)
Irrigation stabilizes agricultural production and hence improves farmers' living standards and conditions. The permanent presence of water may, however, increase the burden of water-related parasitic diseases and counter the economic benefits of irrigation by reducing farmers' health. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of malaria on farm(More)
La série des Etudes et Documents du CERDI est consultable sur le site : Les commentaires et analyses développés n'engagent que leurs auteurs qui restent seuls responsables des erreurs et insuffisances. Abstract In the rural health-care organization of China, township hospitals ensure the delivery of basic medical services. Particularly damaged by the(More)
well as the University of Auvergne for their financial support. We would like also to express our deep thanks to the staff of the Weifang Health Bureau, of the township hospitals included in our sample, to our colleagues and to the master and PhD students of the Medical University of Weifang for their excellent collaboration during the whole project and the(More)
Healthcare financing policies in low-income countries have gone through three successive phases. In the first phase the dominant approach was based on free access to healthcare and focused first on development of vertical programs and then on the necessity of providing primary care to all. While maintaining the emphasis on accessibility to primary care, the(More)