Jacky Falières

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For most domestic animals, the responses to superovulation treatments are not controlled as a consequence of the lack of knowledge on exogenous gonadotrophins effects on the ovarian function. The role of luteinizing hormone (LH) on the number and quality of embryos produced was evaluated on rabbit does superovulated with porcine FSH (pFSH). Parameters of(More)
Thirty-one bucks from two lines divergently selected for 63-d body weight (low, L and high, H) were solicited every week (twice at a 15min interval) during 18 weeks resulting in 482 ejaculates. While differing markedly on adult body weight (L: 4650g versus H: 5925g), both lines had the same testis weight. Libido did not differ between the lines. The(More)
A divergent selection experiment on within-litter homogeneity of birth weight in rabbits was carried out at the INRA experimental farm at Auzeville. The two lines were created by selecting breeding does and bucks from the female strain AGP22 bred at the Grimaud Frères Sélection Company. This involved a new model incorporating a genotypic value for the mean(More)
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