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— We developp a calculus of variations for functionals which are defined on a set of non differentiable curves. We first extend the classical differential calculus in a quantum calculus, which allows us to define a complex operator, called the scale derivative, which is the non differentiable analogue of the classical derivative. We then define the notion(More)
We extend the DuBois-Reymond necessary optimality condition and Noether's symmetry theorem to the scale relativity theory setting. Both Lagrangian and Hamiltonian versions of Noether's theorem are proved, covering problems of the calculus of variations with functionals defined on sets of non-differentiable functions, as well as more general(More)
This paper is twofold. In a first part, we extend the classical differential calculus to continuous non differentiable functions by developping the notion of scale calculus. The scale calculus is based on a new approach of continuous non differentiable functions by constructing a one parameter family of differentiable functions f (t, ǫ) such that f (t, ǫ) →(More)
— Many problems of physics or biology involve very irregular objects like the rugged surface of a malignant cell nucleus or the structure of space-time at the atomic scale. We define and study non-differentiable deformations of the classical Cartesian space R n which can be viewed as the basic bricks to construct irregular objets. They are obtain by taking(More)