Jacky Cooper

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Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have a component of sleep apnea causing arousal and contributing to ADHD behavior during the day. Twenty non-ADHD children between 4 and 16 years of age were compared with 18 children with ADHD with use of nocturnal polysomnography (PSG) and psychometric tests. The psychometric testing(More)
OBJECTIVE These studies were conducted to test the hypothesis that isobaric hypoxia would switch OSA to central sleep apnoea (CSA). METHODS Five adult men (mean age 54.2 +/- 5.5 years, mean BMI 29.9 +/- 6.7 kg/m(2)) with moderate OSA underwent overnight polysomnography at three altitudes. The highest altitude was simulated in a normobaric hypoxic chamber.(More)
We have investigated factors affecting the probability that a woman with breast cancer participating in a mammographic screening programme will be diagnosed by the screen. Data from a large American case-control study, with subjects drawn from women participating in an annual screening programme, were used. During the screening programme, 409 cases were(More)
An evaluation of the limulus amebocyte lysate assay for detection of gonococcal endotoxin in cervical secretions was undertaken in 48 women from an ambulatory population with a low incidence of gonococcal infection. When cervical secretions were diluted 1 : 2,000, positive limulus amebocyte lysate assay results were obtained in four women (100%) with(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to investigate an association previously reported in a retrospective study between the A phenotype and social classes I and II. DESIGN The study was a prospective survey using a cohort of blood donors. SETTING Participants were donors at a regional blood bank in southern Ireland servicing a population of(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety, efficacy and acceptability of Lea's Shield, a new vaginal contraceptive barrier device, when used with either spermicidal or non-spermicidal lubricant. One-hundred-eighty-five (185) women enrolled at six centers. Half were randomized to use the device with spermicide and half with a non-spermicidal(More)
The presence of the maternal warm antibody in pregnancy should not be ignored. As there is risk of both maternal and fetal anemia, both patients need to be followed for the development of such. Serial complete blood counts in the mother and treatment if significant fetal anemia develops should be considered. Serial amniocentesis and nonstress testing should(More)
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