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Endothelins act on two subtypes of G protein-coupled receptors, termed endothelin-A and endothelin-B receptors. We report a targeted disruption of the mouse endothelin-B receptor (EDNRB) gene that results in aganglionic megacolon associated with coat color spotting, resembling a hereditary syndrome of mice, humans, and other mammalian species.(More)
The factors responsible for ALS-parkinsonism dementia complex (ALS-PDC), the unique neurological disorder of Guam, remain unresolved, but identification of causal factors could lead to clues for related neurodegenerative disorders elsewhere. Earlier studies focused on the consumption and toxicity of the seed of Cycas circinalis, a traditional staple of the(More)
The proportion of cultured rat oligodendrocytes (OL) that extended processes of over three soma diameter in length is dependent on the age of the animals from which the brains were derived; up to 70% of neonatal OL attained this criterion within 3 days, and this proportion progressively decreased with advancing ages of the animals (1, 3, and 6 months). The(More)
This study draws on data from focus groups involving 50 young people from low-income families in Hong Kong to investigate their school-to-work experiences. In line with the ecological – developmental perspective, our results show that contextual influences, including lower levels of parental involvement and lack of opportunities for further education or(More)
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