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Tumor growth promotes the expansion of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (T reg) cells that counteract T cell-mediated immune responses. An inverse correlation between natural killer (NK) cell activation and T reg cell expansion in tumor-bearing patients, shown here, prompted us to address the role of T reg cells in controlling innate antitumor immunity. Our(More)
The regulation of CCR6 (chemokine receptor 6) expression during B-cell ontogeny and antigen-driven B-cell differentiation was analyzed. None of the CD34(+)Lin(-) hematopoietic stem cell progenitors or the CD34(+)CD19(+) (pro-B) or the CD19(+)CD10(+) (pre-B/immature B cells) B-cell progenitors expressed CCR6. CCR6 is acquired when CD10 is lost and B-cell(More)
Ideal vaccines should be stable, safe, molecularly defined, and out-of-shelf reagents efficient at triggering effector and memory Ag-specific T cell-based immune responses. Dendritic cell-derived exosomes could be considered as novel peptide-based vaccines because exosomes harbor a discrete set of proteins, bear functional MHC class I and II molecules that(More)
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