Jackson Wilson

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College students (n=846) enrolled in a general education course were randomly assigned to either an arousal (experimental) or no-arousal (control) group. The experimental group was exposed to a topic-relevant, 90-second external stimulus (a technique used to elevate arousal and focus attention). The control group listened to the instructor take roll. Both(More)
BACKGROUND Temporary parks such as the monthly event, Sunday Streets SF, support public health goals by using existing infrastructure and street closures to provide physical activity in neighborhoods underserved for recreational resources. Sunday Streets creates routes to enhance community connection. METHODS Six hundred and thirty-nine participants at 3(More)
A cost study was conducted of a 12.2 million kWh/year (5 MW) photo- voltaic power plant of various configurations using actual data and experience from ARCO Solar's large-scale PV' projects in California. System costs were divided into PV costs and all BOS cost elements, which were grouped into area-related costs (inversely dependent on PV efficiency),(More)
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