Jackson R. Moeller

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It has been suggested that many geometrical illusions may be caused by the lower spatial frequencies in the Fourier spectra of these images. We have tested this hypothesis by constructing classical illusory figures out of a new dot stimulus, which is free of visible low spatial frequencies. In every case, not only does the illusion persist, but for the(More)
We present the first phylogenomic analysis of relationships among all ten families of Liliales, based on 75 plastid genes from 35 species in 29 genera, and 97 additional plastomes stratified across angiosperm lineages. We used a supermatrix approach to extend our analysis to 58 of 64 genera of Liliales, and calibrated the resulting phylogeny against 17(More)
Calochortus (Liliaceae) displays high species richness, restriction of many individual taxa to narrow ranges, geographic coherence of individual clades, and parallel adaptive radiations in different regions. Here we test the first part of a hypothesis that all of these patterns may reflect gene flow at small geographic scales. We use amplified fragment(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY The chemical diversity of land plants ensures that no single DNA isolation method results in high yield and purity with little effort for all species. Here we evaluate a new technique originally developed for forensic science, based on MagnaCel paramagnetic cellulose particles (PMC), to determine its efficacy in extracting(More)
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