Jackson Nowotny

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3Drefine is an interactive web server for consistent and computationally efficient protein structure refinement with the capability to perform web-based statistical and visual analysis. The 3Drefine refinement protocol utilizes iterative optimization of hydrogen bonding network combined with atomic-level energy minimization on the optimized model using a(More)
It has been shown that genome spatial structures largely affect both genome activity and DNA function. Knowing this, many researchers are currently attempting to accurately model genome structures. Despite these increased efforts there still exists a shortage of tools dedicated to visualizing the genome. Creating a tool that can accurately visualize the(More)
The entire collection of genetic information resides within the chromosomes, which themselves reside within almost every cell nucleus of eukaryotic organisms. Each individual chromosome is found to have its own preferred three-dimensional (3D) structure independent of the other chromosomes. The structure of each chromosome plays vital roles in controlling(More)
In recent years, successful contact prediction methods and contact-guided ab initio protein structure prediction methods have highlighted the importance of incorporating contact information into protein structure prediction methods. It is also observed that for almost all globular proteins, the quality of contact prediction dictates the accuracy of(More)
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