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We study the constraints the ∆F = 2 processes in the neutral meson sector place on the admissible form of quark mass matrices that can reproduce the experimentally observed quark mass spectrum and the CKM mixing pattern, as well as allowing for the RS1 scenario to pass the constraints from the electroweak precision measurements. We found that only the(More)
We present a relativistic quantum-mechanical treatment of opacity and refractive effects that allows reproduction of observables measured in two-pion Hanbury Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry and pion spectra at RHIC. The inferred emission duration is substantial. The results are consistent with the emission of pions from a system that has a restored chiral(More)
Aggressive medical management of cancer patients at the end of life (EOL) is an indicator of health services quality. We evaluated the variations in EOL cancer therapy utilization and in acute care hospital deaths across different types of cancer within the setting of a regionalized cancer program. Intravenous chemotherapy and radiotherapy use within the(More)
We summarize the extent to which one can use Ward identities (WI) to non-perturbatively improve flavor singlet and non-singlet bilinears with three flavors of non-degenerate dynamical Wilson-like fermions. It is important to pursue simulations with Wilson-like fermions, despite their greater computational cost than staggered fermions, because one avoids the(More)
STUDY QUESTION Do differences in heritable genetic factors explain some of the difference in age at natural menopause (ANM) among populations? SUMMARY ANSWER One single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)-ANM association (rs16991615) detected in European women was replicated in Iranian women. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Genetics plays an important role in ANM, and(More)
We study in an effective operator approach how the effects of new physics from various scenarios containing extra Z ′ gauge bosons or doubly charged scalars can affect, and thus be tested by the precision polarized Moeller scattering experiment. We give Wilson coefficients for various classes of models, and we deduce constraints on the parameter space of(More)
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