Jackson H. C. Yeung

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The map-reduce model requires users to express their problem in terms of a map function that processes single records in a stream, and a reduce function that merges all mapped outputs to produce a final result. By exposing structural similarity in this way, a number of key issues associated with the design of custom computing machines including(More)
Monte-Carlo arithmetic is a form of self-validating arithmetic that accounts for the effect of rounding errors. We have implemented a floating point unit that can perform either IEEE 754 or Monte-Carlo floating point computation, allowing hardware accelerated validation of results during execution. Experiments show that our approach has a modest hardware(More)
The number of control pins used is a major factor affecting the manufacturing cost of Digital Microfluidic Biochip (DMFB). Pin-count on a DMFB can be reduced by sharing of control pins between electrodes. Most existing works on reducing pin-count are problem specific. Problem specific optimizations result in DMFB that can only perform certain specific(More)
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