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In cancer treatment, apoptosis is a well-recognized cell death mechanism through which cytotoxic agents kill tumor cells. Here we report that dying tumor cells use the apoptotic process to generate potent growth-stimulating signals to stimulate the repopulation of tumors undergoing radiotherapy. Furthermore, activated caspase 3, a key executioner in(More)
Protein kinases and phosphatases are targeted through association with anchoring proteins that tether the enzymes to subcellular structures and organelles. Through in situ fluorescent techniques using a Green Fluorescent Protein tag, we have mapped membrane-targeting domains on AKAP79, a multivalent anchoring protein that binds the cAMP-dependent protein(More)
Low interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) secretion has been found in individuals with active atopic disease. Whether this is a cause or result of the disease process is uncertain. Cord blood IFN-gamma secretion was examined in 35 neonates who were then prospectively followed up for 1 year for the development of atopic disease. Infants who developed either symptoms(More)
We compared the cost-effectiveness of therapeutic laparoscopy and open laparotomy for treatment of laparoscopically diagnosed ectopic pregnancy. Clinical outcomes of ectopic pregnancy treatment were based on results of a randomised trial done between 1987 and 1989 at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Göteborg, Sweden). We estimated costs for inpatient and(More)
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