Jackie Silcock

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An analysis of the distributed shared memory (DSM) work carried out by other researchers shows that it has been able to improve the performance of applications, at the expense of ease of programming and use. Many implementations require application programmers to write code to explicitly associate shared variables with synchronization variables or to label(More)
Message passing and remote procedure calls are the most commonly used communication paradigms for interprocess communication in distributed systems. Distributed shared memory is an equally valuable but less often used paradigm. The advantage offered by distributed shared memory is that it abstracts away from the fact that the memory is distributed and(More)
Distributed shared memory (DSM) provides a mechanism to transparently share memory between processes running on different computers in a cluster of workstations (COW). It appears to the user that the computers on the network share a single centralized memory. Although the underlying mechanism for communication is message passing or RPC, the user is unaware(More)
Distributed Shared Memory is an important topic in distributed system research as it allows programmers to write and use code for shared memory multiprocessors on a system which does not in fact have physically shared memory. In this report I will discuss the literature I have read related to Distributed Shared Memory in an attempt to identify the important(More)
The single factor limiting the harnessing of the enormous computing power of clusters for parallel computing is the lack of appropriate software. Present cluster operating systems are not built to support parallel computing – they do not provide services to manage parallelism. The cluster operating environments that are used to assist the execution of(More)
Distributed shared memory (DSM) provides a mechanism to transparently share variables between processes running on different workstations in a distributed system. Users are unaware that the underlying mechanism for inter process communication is message passing or RPC and are able to write their code using the well known shared memory primitives. In this(More)
Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) is an abstraction for shared memory on a system where the memory is physically distributed which allows programmers to take advantage of the increased processing power provided by a Clusters of Workstations (COW). We have integrated DSM into the RHODOS operating system rather than to put this paradigm on top of an operating(More)