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the others are zero. If the PLSI is chosen of the form the sufficient conditions of (9) are satisfied if a 2 8, and A(z1, z2) # 0, lzl I < 1, Iz2 I < 1. The PLSI's of lower degree are also minimum phase for those values of a. the sufficient conditions are satisfied for a 2 3. 5. 2) Let ~ (z , , z 2) = 1 + p z 2 + a z t z , 1/ 31 2 1, a > 0. Since B (0 , z(More)
The molecular, biochemical, and genetic mechanisms that regulate the complex metabolic network of soybean seed development determine the ultimate balance of protein, lipid, and carbohydrate stored in the mature seed. Many of the genes and metabolites that participate in seed metabolism are unknown or poorly defined; even more remains to be understood about(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT the terms that are to be processed are synchronous pulse sequences [3]-[4]. These pulses randomly take, at each clock cycle, either a of taking the " high level. The average of a stochastic signal can The authors are grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their ''high " or ''low " level. Information is codified as the probability helpful(More)
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