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The throw and its modifications are integral components of many sports. This study correlates case histories of acute injuries in throwing with a biomechanical analysis of the throwing mechanism. Comparisons are made with a similar analysis of the kick analyzed by the same film technique and computer program. Just prior to ball release, the pitching arm(More)
The amount of repair and the time required to accomplish repair of four-centimeter segmental fibular transplants in twenty-one male adult dogs were determined at from two to forty-eight weeks after transplantation by torsional stress testing, microradiography, and tetracycline labeling. The transplanted cortical bone was greatly weakened at from six weeks(More)
Myositis ossificans is a benign condition resulting from severe muscular contusion manifested by heterotrophic bone formation. The process is common in the anterior thigh but the literature dealing with myositis ossificans in the upper arm is limited. Ten cases of the condition in the upper arm were seen in our practice. All 10 were the result of football(More)
Inconsistencies in the literature on the relationship of infant feeding practices to stature were explored in a tri-ethnic sample of 3- or 4-year-old children. Measures of child stature, maternal stature, child age, type of infant milk-feeding, time of introduction of high fat and high carbohydrate foods, and social characteristics were analyzed with(More)
This investigation was undertaken to determine if the metabolic activity of homotypic segments of dog fibulae could be reliably compared in a thirty day period. Activities analyzed were: cumulative formation, porosity, resorption and apposition. Analyses were performed on contiguous tissue sections using microradiographic and tetracycline techniques.(More)
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