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It has been shown that rat aortic smooth muscle cells (AoSMCs) lost PKG-I expression when propagated repetitively or grown at low densities. Conversely, AoSMCs isolated from PKG-I deficient mice are indistinguishable from those isolated from normal mice in morphology and growth characteristics. In this study, human AoSMCs were grown from passage 9 (p9) to(More)
Interferons (IFNs) have been shown to enhance or induce differentiation in several model systems, either alone or in combination with differentiating agents. To further study these phenomena, the effects of the recombinant interferons rIFN-alpha A, rIFN-alpha D, rIFN-alpha A/D (Bgl II), rIFN-beta, and rIFN-gamma on the differentiation-producing capacities(More)
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