Jackie Lee

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  • Ian Carmichael Mcgraw, Mitch Peabody, Jingjing Liu, Yushi Xu, Hung-An Chang, Will Walker +4 others
  • 2012
Spoken language systems are often deployed with static speech recognizers. Only rarely are parameters in the underlying language, lexical, or acoustic models updated on-the-fly. In the few instances where parameters are learned in an online fashion, developers traditionally resort to unsupervised training techniques, which are known to be inferior to their(More)
  • Cheng Zhi, Anna Huang, Cheng-Zhi Anna Huang, Barry L Vercoe, Rosalind Picard, Judy Brown +20 others
  • 2008
We all share similar innate emotions, but our cultural experiences nurture us to express them differently. The musical form " theme and variations " offer us a unique lens to uncover in each culture the relationships between the musical surface that touches us most directly, and the underlying structures that are more abstract. Variations are musical(More)
  • Chao-Chi Chang, Christopher Schmandt, Christopher M Schmandt, Henry Holtzman, Jackie Lee, James Teng +4 others
  • 2007
People's daily lives are impacted by lots of dynamic environmental information, such as weather and traffic. Though most of this information is available on the Internet, there is no easy way for someone to access it while in a mobile state. More importantly, people do not have a constant need for this kind of information unless there is a significant(More)
BACKGROUND Adverse cardiorespiratory events including apnea, bradycardia, and desaturations have been described following administration of the first diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-inactivated polio-Haemophilus influenzae type B (DTP-IPV-Hib) immunization to preterm infants. The effect of the recent substitution of acellular pertussis vaccine for whole cell(More)
When can machines be considerate to understand human needs and fulfill them in social and valid ways? This paper suggests that machines can be as civilized as human to participate human society as reflections of human beings. Civilized Machines are considerate to human and environments under social constraints. A theoretical framework of designing Civilized(More)
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