Jackie Haigh

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The aim of this project was to explore the feasibility and identify the issues of using mobile technologies in the assessment of health and social care students in practice settings. We report here on a case study, which took place between a University department and varied clinical settings where students were on placement. Twenty-nine student midwives and(More)
This paper analyses the potential of information technology (IT) to transform the process of learning in higher education, particularly health professional education. It is argued that IT, although very much part of the infrastructure of the modern university has yet to make its full impact on teaching and learning processes. The expectations of students(More)
Certain hyperprolactinemic patients have an obvious pituitary tumor while others with normal pituitary radiology may or may not harbor a pituitary microadenoma. A variety of biochemical tests have been proposed to distinguish between those with and those without pituitary tumors. The aims of this study were: firstly to examine these tests to assess their(More)
1. Glucose kinetics were assessed in seven normal adult male subjects by an intravenous bolus technique with the use of a non-radioactive isotopically labelled preparation, [6,6-2H]glucose, as tracer. Tracer enrichment in plasma was assessed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. For comparison five subjects also received a simultaneous intravenous bolus(More)
There is an identified clinical need for this programme. Staff develop knowledge and skills that enhances both quality and efficiency of care. The programme is educationally innovative, while adhering to sound educational and quality principles. Various outcomes of the assisted birth practitioner programme are being explored and evaluated as an action(More)
Circulating intermediary metabolite and hormone concentrations were measured at intervals over 24 h in five uraemic patients before starting dialysis and after 3 months' treatment with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and in 13 non-uraemic normal controls. Fasting and postprandial glucose concentrations were significantly raised in uraemic(More)
Prolactin secretion and biological activity have been investigated in 20 females with persistent idiopathic galactorrhoea who had normal resting serum prolactin levels at presentation. Results were compared with those in 34 normal controls. Hyperprolactinaemia, which was persistent in one and intermittent in the other, developed in two patients over an(More)
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