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Occupy Wall Street: Creating a Strategy for a Spontaneous Movement
Abstract New York City anarchists played a major role in Occupy Wall Street. Opposition to the ruling 1% promoted an anti-capitalist class consciousness and a political emphasis on inequality. OWS'Expand
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Fear of Flying: Milton on the Boundaries Between Witchcraft and Inspiration
A Mask was written while England was embroiled over the acquittal of the Lancashire witches, Paradise Lost during one of the last of the seventeenth-century witch trials. W e should not be surprised,Expand
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William Blake on the Unholy Alliance: Freedom and Godly Repression in Liberal Society
"Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour," Wordsworth wrote in 1802, and Milton indeed lived in the poetry of the Romantics, which echoed, adapted, or com pletely recreated the Miltonic legacy.Expand
Political Education--Occupy Wall Street's First Year
While Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is easily identified with direct action in the streets, equal recognition should be given to the vast amount of political education that took place. This article willExpand
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