Jackie De Vries

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Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 danis@watson.ibm. com Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), a disorder that curtails repetitive movements such as typing and poses a potentially career-ending problem for people who write for a living, motivated our development of the StoryWriter editor. This editor accepts speech and keyboard input for text creation and six types of(More)
Modifying a legacy application is typically an expensive and time-consuming process, even when the required modifications are conceptually very simple. We argue that this problem can be ameliorated by adopting an approach in which logical data models of a legacy application are used by software developers to understand, maintain, and transform the software.(More)
In this paper the Learning Feed Forward Control (LFFC) scheme is considered. This type of controller is used for processes that repeatedly perform a specific task. LFFC compensates both for reproducible disturbances that depend on the state of the process, and for remaining random disturbances, The random disturbances are compensated by a feedback(More)
We assert that tools for understanding and transforming legacy business applications should be built around logical data models, rather than the structure of source code artifacts or control flow. In this position paper, we argue that data centered tools are beneficial for a variety of frequently-occurring code understanding and transformation scenarios for(More)
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